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Prehung Doors available in any size and different material and finish options.

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Prehung doors come as a complete package and therefore are ready to install.

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Flush Prehung Door

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V Groove Prehung Door

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Stylish Prehung Door 1

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Stylish Prehung Door 2

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Shaker Prehung Door

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3 Panel Prehung Door

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Prehung Doors

Our range of quality prehung doors are a simple and easy way to fit new doors as part of a home improvement or renovation project.

Prehung doors come as a complete package and therefore are ready to install. These door units include the slab (your actual door), 3 sided frame attached to hinges, as well as other components.

Due to this, newly built properties often feature prehung doors and it is easy to replace these like for like.

In fact, prehung doors are an ideal option for those of us who have little or no experience of replacing and fitting doors. Once you have found a style of door you like, simply select the correct size and door frame for your opening and order it.

Once it has been delivered, it is as straightforward as levelling the door correctly and mounting it in the opening.

Of course, if you prefer to have the door installed for you, get in touch with our team who will be able to assist you in installing your brand new door.

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Prehung Doors Ireland

Across Ireland many people undertake renovation or improvement projects to improve the interior design of their home.

Of course, not everyone has an unlimited budget and it is great to consider cost effective ways to make big changes in your home for a small cost.

Open-plan living is a popular feature in many modern homes, however there are times, often when moving property or a new arrival to the family that we may need to reconfigure the space in our home.

Adding a wall or internal door is a great way to separate large spaces in your homes and create additional rooms. As a top supplier of prehung doors Ireland we can help provide a door to make your home improvement plans a reality.

Reasons why you may need to reimagine the space in your home:

  • Spending a greater amount of time working from home and needing to create a dedicated home office
  • Creating a nursery in your home for an baby on the way
  • As children grow older you may want to create a separate lounge for them to have friends over (and you can have some peace and quiet)
  • Seperating a large kitchen to create a dedicated utility or laundry room

While installing a prehung interior door and wall is a more permanent solution to dividing a room, an alternative to consider is choosing decorative panels to divide a large space.

Decorative panels are available in a range of styles and designs and are a great way to create zones in larger spaces.

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Internal Prehung Door Styles

We offer an extensive range of doors available in different styles and finishes to complete the interior design of your property.

When selecting the perfect internal prehung door styles for your home there are lots of different things to consider about how to complement the existing interior design style of your home.

Rather than simply thinking of a door as separating different rooms, it is important to think about how internal doors contribute to the flow of light and movement within your home.

A well-chosen style of door can add so much character, style and functionality to a space and should be an integral detail when considering any home improvement or decoration projects.

  • Prehung Slab Door
    Prehung door kits include the slab door. The majority of doors we offer are available as prehung interior doors and there is such a great range to choose from. Available in a hollow core variant with a primed finish or in different materials, choosing the right door can have a huge impact on your interior design!
  • Prehung Shaker Door
    Shaker doors are a timeless style which can complement both modern and classic interior design styles. Often featuring central flat panels, these doors are great for use around your property due to their simple elegance.
  • Prehung doors with glass
    Interior doors with glass are a great way to maximise the light available within a room. Prehung doors with glass are a great option if you want to borrow light from another room, they are great entrances to kitchens. They are also a good choice for doors which separate living spaces where privacy isn’t an issue.

When choosing a style of interior doors, people often try to match them to different features of the room.

One such place that this is common is in bedrooms where colours of wardrobes and wardrobe doors, as well as walls can match or compliment each other.

If you are considering a bedroom makeover, why not consider matching your wardrobe doors to the colour and style of your interior doors.

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Reasons for Buying a Kit

One of the main reasons why people choose to buy an internal door kit is due to the ease and simplicity of installation.

Although more expensive than a standalone door slab, it can work out more cost effective due to not needing to buy any additional parts.

Prehung doors are also available in standard sizes so are quick and easy to access if a door needs replacing urgently.

A further reason to buy prehung doors is that they are a good option if you need to replace lots of doors quickly and efficiently- great for office buildings, apartment blocks or a whole property refurbishment.

Best Prehung Interior Doors

We supply and deliver some of the best prehung interior doors across Dublin and Ireland.

Our doors combine the elements of functionality and style perfectly and are the perfect addition to any property.

Explore the range of interior doors on our website or contact our friendly team if you have any questions.

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Difference Between Raw and Primed Doors

Most of our doors are available in either raw or primed pine.

Raw doors provide an authentic feel and are great for cottages or period properties. These doors may require some sanding and, if you want to paint them, will need to be primed.

Our primed doors are incredibly popular as they come ready to paint.

There is a whole host of inspiration for including colour in your home and many design trends which feature doors in bold colours which match the walls.